AMD’s 5nm Dragon Range “Zen 4” High-Performance Mobility CPUs Would Offer A Monumental Performance & Efficiency Leap Over Zen 3

AMD’s recently unveiled 5nm Zen 4 CPU core is going to fundamentally change the whole laptop segment when it makes its debut on the Dragon Range and Phoenix Point Mobility CPUs in early 2023. AMD’s 5nm Zen 4 Cores Are Going To Be A Game-Changer For Mobility CPUs When It Debuts Within Dragon Range & … Read more

In pictures: James Webb Telescope reveals stunning new details of the Phantom Galaxy

Never before have we been able to view the universe the way the James Webb Space Telescope is showing it to us now. Our naked eye would never be able to see what the telescope sees: traveling through light and space, James Webb can see the origins of the universe – something our minds can … Read more

LG announces bendable 42-inch OLED Flex TV

LG Electronics LG Takes Gaming Immersion Next-Level With World’s First Bendable 42-Inch OLED TV SEOUL, Aug. 31, 2022 — LG Electronics (LG) is introducing LG OLED Flex (model LX3), an innovative new TV boasting the world’s first bendable 42-inch OLED screen. Perfect for immersive console, PC and cloud gaming, and for enjoying live TV broadcasts … Read more

How To Watch The Unofficial Entrepreneur Cinematic Universe

Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews star as the couple at the center of Theranos in Hulu’s The … [+] Dropout (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic). FilmMagic With buzzy pop culture titles such as The Dropout, WeCrashed, The Social Network, and more, Hollywood is very interested in these days in the stories of real-world entrepreneurs. Indeed when a … Read more

Rappers say prosecutors guilty of double standard when using their lyrics in courts

CNN — Atlanta-area District Attorney Fani Willis is unabashed in using rap lyrics to help prosecute her cases, repeatedly defending the practice in recent months. It’s a tactic hip-hop artists have decried as a racist double standard for years. In May, following the arrests of Atlanta’s Young Thug and Gunna, a 56-count indictment showed Willis, … Read more

Astronomers Find the Oldest Planetary Nebula

Planetary nebulae are short-lived “leftovers” of sun-like stars. Most of these “star ghosts” only last—at most—about 25,000 years. Usually, their clouds of debris disperse so broadly that they fade out fairly quickly. However, there’s one that has lasted at least 70,000 years. That makes it a “grande dame” of planetary nebulae. A team of astronomers … Read more

The Daily Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On Thursday, September 1, 2022

Your daily horoscope for September 1, 2022, is here with an astrology forecast for all zodiac signs starting on Thursday. Check out what the stars, the Moon in Scorpio, and the Sun in Virgo have in store for you. There are seasons of change and times when it’s best to hold back a bit to … Read more