Biased Sources Are Resulting in Poor Software Selection, Says Info-Tech Research Group

TORONTO, Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group has published its research-backed blueprint, Offer “The Rapid Application Selection Framework” as a Service. As businesses evolve in today’s digital world, there is an increase in the demand for new, modern, and more feature-rich software to stay competitive and innovative in the market. This timely research is designed to help business leaders and consultants in choosing the right software application to achieve the desired business outcomes.

According to Info-Tech’s research and insights, many small businesses do not have dedicated resources for the application selection process. If they do, they often don’t manage it effectively and efficiently. Moreover, without a repeatable application selection framework, organizations are unable to extract the value that applications can provide in achieving desired business outcomes.

Info-Tech’s findings further indicate that challenges faced by small businesses are due to having minimal experience with or exposure to the vast array of business applications. Moreover, these businesses lack an official procurement function. The decision makers who engage in the software selection process are busy in day-to-day operations, and the rigor of software selection is usually an unwanted distraction.

Without the right approach, selecting software can be a painful experience for businesses because:

  • Vendors put on dog and pony shows – Actual product features and capabilities become obscured by glossy presentations and slick salespeople.
  • “RFP” overload kills momentum – Time goes to waste documenting an endless list of table-stakes features.
  • Selection takes forever – Traditional software selection can drag on for years – sometimes in perpetuity.
  • Stakeholders aren’t satisfied – Stakeholders will be unsatisfied if deployed solutions miss critical needs.
  • Decisions aren’t data driven – “Gut feeling” and intuition guide selection, leading to poor outcomes.
  • Negotiations are a weak link – Inexperienced negotiators could leave money on the table.
  • Biased content, anecdotal evidence, and preconceived notions toward software vendors can lead to software discontent. The result is wasted time and effort and applications that continually disappoint, causing a negative impact on business goals.

To mitigate the challenges and improve the software selection process, Info-Tech recommends that leaders consider unbiased and objective input, such as:

  • Independent market reports and research
  • Third-party data-driven comparisons
  • Investigative interviews with existing customers
  • Testing and trial configuration
  • Clearly defined selection process and methodology
  • Considering a consultant who can bring valuable software knowledge and experience

Selecting and implementing the right software within an acceptable time frame is more important now than ever before. Delays in implementing software can cost the business productivity, growth, and revenue.

To learn more about the rapid application selection process, download the complete Offer “The Rapid Application Selection Framework” as a Service blueprint.

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