Blue Beetle To Bring A Brand New Superhero Into DC’s Universe

Details for Blue Beetle’s newest adventure are finally emerging and it looks like Jaime Reyes will be joined in his series by an intriguing new hero.

as the blue beetle prepare to embark on his latest adventure, A.D is planning to unveil a new hero in the new miniseries. Writer Josh Trujillo discussed how Blue Beetle: Graduation Day won’t just give the spotlight to Jaime Reyes, but a brand-new Beetle.

In 2021, DC Comics unveiled the Round Robin competition that would let fans vote on pitches they’d like to see become full-fledged comics. The tournament provided sixteen potential titles and with every round, fans got better looks at potential stories. one pitch, Blue Beetle: Graduation Daymade it to the semifinals before losing out to Suicide Squad Seven. However, fans of the young hero got an epic surprise when the Round Robin returned the following year and DC announced that Blue Beetle’s comic would see life as a six-issue miniseries.


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Now, details are starting to trickle in and it looks like the hero is about to experience some interesting changes. As part of DC’s “Comics are Fun for Everyone” panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day writer Josh Trujillo revealed some plot points for the upcoming miniseries. He says Jaime is entering a new phase of his life after graduating high school, and Blue Beetle must find the right path for himself. The writer also promises some familiar faces like Starfire, as well as new additions to the DC Universe, such as the new location of Palmera City. Readers can also expect a brand-new character in the series, the Yellow Beetle. While Trujillo was mum on their mission, he mentions the character will”only complicate things” for Jaime. Respect was given to artist Adrián Gutiérrez who, in Trujillo’s words, “killed it with this design”. Gutierrez posted a look at the new character on his twitter account

Josh Trujillo pointed out the new DC comics character’s bodybuilder physique and hinted that strength would be an important aspect of their power set. While fans are going to have to wait to see how the addition of Palmera City and the Yellow Beetle will impact the DC Universe, the creative team is absolutely excited that their title received a second chance at publication after their Round Robin loss.

The unfortunate thing about the Round Robin is that generally only one title out of the sixteen pitches will see publication. That’s a lot missed opportunity to expand the DCU with new characters and locations. When Blue Beetle: Graduation Day was knocked out of the first year’s tournament, it looked like the book had closed on Jaime Reyes for the time being. But thankfully, the series got another chance and fans are getting a new character that opens up a lot of potential. What the Yellow Beetle will bring to the table remains to be seen, but they will almost certainly have a big impact on blue beetle and the DC Universe.

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