Congo’s priority is to save the planet

It sounds like a conspiracy story straight from the depths of QAnon: The world only has enough resources for 1 billion people, and these “elites” will survive, leaving the remaining 7 billion inhabitants of the earth to weaken and die.

The only problem is that the average QAnon follower would be considered one of the elites — conspiracy theories aren’t as fun if you’re one of the insiders.

The theory of the Golden Billion can trace its roots back to Vladimir Lenin, and was more recently popularized by Anatoly Tsikunov in his 1990 book “The Plot of World Government: Russia and the Golden Billion.”

Vladimir Putin, fishing about for wartime justifications that will play with the Russian public, has rekindled the theory in an us-against-the-world appeal to Russian nationalism, and to gin up support among Third World nations that might be of some use to his flagging economy.

Tim Rowland

The Golden Billion is basically code for the Western World. These elites are hogging all the world’s resources, which they buy for pennies on the dollar in the name of building their own wealth. Russia, rich in timber, gas and oil, and not much else, is the heroic figure standing up to those bullies who would raid the world of its assets without just compensation and inclusion into the world’s upper-echelon clubhouse.

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