Intel Once Again Refutes All Arc Discrete GPU Cancellation Rumors, Getting Ready For Launch Soon!

Raja Koduri, Intel Executive Vice President, has once again squashed all rumors surrounding the cancellation of Arc Discrete GPUs. According to Raja, the GPU division did have several obstacles than planned but they persisted and now, Arc is getting ready for launch!

Intel Arc Isn’t Going Anywhere, First Discrete GPUs Ready To Launch Soon!

Last week, rumors claiming that Intel had canceled its Arc Discrete GPU business came out and this is the second instance of such baseless claims to show up during the current quarter. Intel’s Raja Koduri, the head of AXG and EVP, already denied such rumors and it looks like he has to do it again considering the amount of false information that is out there surrounding Arc GPUs right now.

According to Raja Koduri, the Intel Arc Volume Validation Fab has several Arc discrete GPUs running in the labs and is primed for launch later this month. He also put it out on Twitter how he & the gpu division is confused (and quite literally annoyed) by such rumors as they don’t help the team that is working hard to bring these GPUs to market, the PC graphics community, and the end users too. It is no mystery that Intel has its fair share of trouble getting through this launch and to be honest, it was a mix of both wrong decisions made by the company and the wrong timing which was further escalated by the events going around the globe (Pandemic , War, Logistics, etc.).

With all of that said, all of this is the past now and we are closer to the launch than we ever were before. Intel is giving us information on a weekly basis about their Arc lineup and I know, it should have come earlier but it is better now that the products are close rather than spilling the details a long time ago and having people wait on the cards for much longer. We have seen the features, the performance, and the specifications. They look great but Intel will face some serious competition from NVIDIA and AMD given that they are close to launching their next-gen parts.

But there’s also competition arising from the used market which will flood the GPU segment with lots of mainstream graphics cards at very low prices. Not only that, but NVIDIA also has new models of their existing RTX 30 series planned for launch next month that would tackle Intel’s Arc lineup.

On the other hand, this means that Intel will still be competing with NVIDIA & AMD’s current-gen GPU architectures as mainstream parts are planned for launch next year and won’t be as attractively priced as the current-gen lineup. So Intel can tune the pricing on their end to make Arc more appealing to gamers. They have already done so by announcing up to $500 US game & app bundles with their Arc-based systems.

So while the first Arc lineup might miss its target launch schedules, we hope that the upcoming generations such as Battlemage and Celestial bring AXG back on track. I personally want to see Intel deliver on its ambitions and give us a strong third player in a market dominated by green and red.

Intel ARC Gaming GPU Lineup

GPU Family Intel Xe-HPG Intel Xe2-HPG Intel Xe3-HPG Intel Xe Next Intel Xe Next Next
GPU Products ARC Alchemist GPUs ARC Battlemage GPUs ARC Celestial GPUs ARC Druid GPUs ARC E*** GPUs
GPU Segment Mainstream Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete) Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete)
GPU Gen Gen 12 Gen 13? Gen 14? Gen 15? Gen 16?
Process Node TSMC 6nm TBA TBA TBA TBA
Specs / Design 512 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU TBA TBA TBA TBA
Memory Subsystem GDDR6 TBA TBA TBA TBA
launch 2022 2023? 2024? 2025? 2026?

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