Intel Takes iGPU Driver Shortcut for Arc Gaming GPUs, Crashes Into Ditch

Early this year, Intel disclosed plans to ship four million discrete Arc Alchemist gaming GPUs in 2022, but many observers considered the target to be rather conservative. Now, following multiple launch delays and the limited availability of Intel’s Arc A380 desktop graphics cards, Intel said this week that it would miss its discrete GPU shipments this year. Surprisingly, the company blames its drivers for the integrated graphics built into its processors for the delays and lower-than-expected sales of its discrete GPU lineup.

All-in-all, Intel needed all-new drivers written from scratch to roll out its discrete gaming GPUs for desktops and laptops. However, its drivers for discrete gaming GPUs were not on par with those offered by AMD and Nvidia because it chose to use the same graphics drivers as it used for the integrated GPUs present in its CPUs.

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