Lee Bermejo’s unique Batman: Dear Detective can be judged by its covers

Comic book covers always tell a story. Usually, that story is a kind of teaser, a dramatic hint at what’s going to go on in the pages underneath. But there’s nothing ‘usual’ about a Lee Bermejo cover, and that applies to the stories that they tell. Or rather, the story that they tell.

Bermejo’s latest project, Dear Detective, takes comic cover storytelling in an entirely new direction, weaving together Bermejo’s previous Batman covers into what the publisher calls “one part prestige art book, one part compelling noir tale” for the Dark Knight in a 56-page special Ahead of the title’s release on September 6, Newsarama sat down with Bermejo to talk about this Batman comic unlike any other.

art from Batman: Dear Detective (Image credit: DC)

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Grant DeArmitt for Newsarama: Lee, to begin, can you tell me about your Batman? Is this a Post-Knightfall version of the character? The New 52 version? What era does the Batman of Dear Detective come from?

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