WWE’s Vince McMahon retired from the company with $3 BILLION and STILL holds voting control

Vince McMahon has retired from WWE with $3.4 billion in his pocket – and still holds voting control, despite paying out $14.6 million over sexual assault allegations. McMahon, 77, still has voting control of the wrestling behemoth and the riches he’s made from it has left him a multi-billionaire according to Bloomberg. Daughter Stephanie McMahon … Read more

Why are Louisiana electric bills sky high? ‘This is the most I’ve ever paid in my life’ | business

Like any other south Louisiana resident, Ariane Shelling’s electricity bills have ballooned as summer temperatures continue to rise. Shelling, a registered nurse who lives in a 2,900-square-foot house in Chalmette, owed $231.29 for her April bill, a typical charge from Entergy Louisiana, her electricity provider. The invoice rose to $358.87 in May. Her jaw dropped … Read more

The Mars Sample Return Mission Will Take Two Helicopters to the Red Planet to Help Retrieve Samples

NASA’s upcoming Mars Sample Return mission plan just received a glow-up: it will now carry a pair of twin helicopters, each capable of retrieving samples and delivering them to the ascent vehicle for return to Earth. The helicopters take the place of a previously planned fetch rover, which has now been ditched from the plan … Read more

Balloon fleet senses earthquakes from stratosphere

A balloon hangs above the mountains, waiting for waves of infrasound generated by an earthquake to hit. Here, those waves are approximately visualized by the gray dots. Credit: CNES/Raphael Garcia. A new study in AGU’s Geophysical Research Letters reports on the first detection of a large, distant earthquake in a network of balloon-bound pressure sensors … Read more

Apple CarPlay could be a trojan horse into the automotive industry

Apple is using the iPhone’s popularity to push itself into the auto industry. Automakers are a little unsure how they feel about this. Apple announced the next generation of its car software CarPlay in June. It takes over the user interface on all interior screens, replacing gas gauges and speed dials with a digital version … Read more

Will Smith addresses Oscars slap, apologizes to Chris Rock in new video

LOS ANGELES — Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock for slapping the comedian at the Oscars earlier this year, addressing the incident in a new video posted to social media. “It’s been a minute…” the text at the beginning of the video reads. “Over the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot of … Read more