These were the runners-up to the dandelion sculpture slated for Salem Parkway in Winston-Salem | Local News

Waiting for that 40-foot-tall dandelion to go up over Salem Parkway gives people a chance to look over the alternative submissions that didn’t make the cut. Meanwhile, Forsyth County is getting into the latest round of public art installations by approving a 12-foot-tall sculpture of butterflies ascending at the Clemmons branch of the Forsyth County … Read more

The Reactionary Geeks Are Mad About ‘Rings of Power’

Maybe you’ve heard that people are mad about Black actors being cast in Lord of the Rings. Or game of Thrones. Or maybe it was Star Wars. Or perhaps Thor. Wait, maybe it was titansor Super man. The Witcher? Or maybe you heard that people are angry that Black Panther got made in the first … Read more

How Viral Meme-Maker @freeze_magazine, aka Artist Cem A, Won Over the Art World by Farce

It’s not easy being a meme-maker. Creating social media–friendly satire of cultural foibles that still packs a punch takes a deep understanding of your subject, and it can be hard to stand out from the pack. Even in the relatively niche field of art world parody there is some competition from other creators like Brad … Read more

Unseen photographs capturing the ‘big bang’ of Berlin techno

A new photobook, Tresor: True Stories, celebrates an institution that spearheaded the sound and scene that has since come to define club culture in the german capital In a dank corner of a former Berlin power station lies to techno goldmine. The concrete vault – a hidden room nestled in the Tresor-Kraftwerk complex – is … Read more

An AI-generated picture won an art prize. Artists aren’t happy.

NEW YORK — This year, the Colorado State Fair’s annual art competition gave out prizes in all the usual categories: painting, quilting, sculpture. But one entrant, Mr Jason M. Allen of Pueblo West, Colorado, didn’t make his entry with a brush or a lump of clay. He created it with Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program … Read more

An up and coming industry

Organized by happening, Decembell and What If, Bangkok Illustration Fair 2022 (BKKIF) returns for its second year at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center tomorrow and runs until Sunday. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, last year BKKIF presented illustrations online at An image from SS, or Suttichart, of the Faculty of Digital Art, Rangsit … Read more

Art shows to leave the house for this September

From Arvida Byström’s uncanny sex dolls to Peter Hujar’s star-studded photography archive, we round up the exhibitions you need to see this month Multi-disciplinary artist Arvida Byström has long produced ideas of femininity and technology to expand conversations on how they are defined and intersect. In her latest exhibition and performance piece, The Doll’s House … Read more

AI now lets you expose unseen secrets of legendary artworks

You’ll never look at the world’s most famous paintings in the same way again. An artificial intelligence company has created a new tool that allows users to imagine a world beyond the frame of their favorite artwork. Named “Outpainting,” the tool was designed by employees at the San Francisco firm OpenAI as part of their … Read more