Samsung Fitness Watch Left on Overnight Burned User’s Wrist

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 debuted in 2019, but some users have long complained about some watch devices Drew Angerer / (Getty Images) Rather than being a hot-ticket item, some earlier models of the Samsung Galaxy watch are reportedly getting too hot, period. One Reddit user said he was watch pretty severely burned … Read more

YouTuber Confesses To Being Gaming Industry Leaker, Gets Caught

Image: Ubisoft / Dan Allen Gaming / Kotaku It turns out a Twitter account called TheRealInsider, the latest in a crop of leakers posing as gaming industry insiders, was actually run by YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming. The account had convinced many in the scene that it was the real deal after accurately teasing which new … Read more

16 Things You Can Do in iOS 16 That You Couldn’t Before

iOS 16 has arrived.Image: apple After months of previews and betas, iOS 16 is here and rolling out to iPhones worldwide. Once you’ve got it safely installed on your device, you’ll want to know about all the new features now at your fingertips—and we’ve picked out 16 of our favorites, from major to minor, that … Read more

Elden Ring Twitch Streamer’s Drawing Tablet Run Is Ridiculous

Another day, another Elden Ring challenge run. Since FromSoftware’s massively popular Soulslike dropped on February 25, Tarnished the world over have tackled the game in some absolutely nutty ways. But while beating it with a single hand and playing it with a harp are impressive, Twitch streamer Luality has been taking it to a whole … Read more

Meet the 30-year-old on the verge of selling his company to Adobe for $20B

Almost overnight, this 30-year-old has become the tech world’s newest titan — and is poised to become one of the world’s youngest billionaires. Dylan Field, the co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Figma, is on the cusp of an epic windfall after Adobe ADBE, -3.12% announced plans to acquire his company for $20 billion this … Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook won’t raise iPhone 14 prices. He must first deal with a fierce rival — and it’s not Samsung

Apple has something more important than Samsung’s 005930, -0.71% foldable phone to worry about: Inflation. None of the new iPhone 14 devices sport increased prices relative to their iPhone 13 counterparts, Wednesday’s event showed, despite many analysts expecting the company to increase prices on the higher-end offerings. When Apple AAPL, +1.88% unveiled the iPhone 13 … Read more

Steam Deck May Be The Best Way To Play Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image: Valve / Disney / Gameloft / Kotaku The recently released multiplatform life-sim, dreamlight valleyis a bit Animal Crossingbit Stardew Valley, and a whole lot of Disney. It’s also the kind of game you might want to play while watching a TV show, multitasking with a handheld console. But while it did come out on … Read more

Dev Yells On Steam About Keffals, Transphobia For Some Reason

screenshot: Dolphin Barn Incorporated / Steam dominatesthe small indie game on Steam about managing gladiators has recently begun trending online, but not because it’s a really good game or it just got a cool update or anything like that. No, instead, the developer behind the game has included a wild and shitty rant about trans … Read more

Dev Explains How Steam Curator Reviewers May Be Scammers

Steam is both an easy-to-use digital game storefront and a rabbit hole of shady shit, filled with weird, archaic leftovers from past ideas Valve never got around to finishing or improving. One such example is the curator system. Most users barely interact with it, but recently an indie developer believes the system is being used … Read more

DuckDuckGo Can Now Block Your Emails From Being Tracked

When you open an email, there’s no obvious indication the sender will know. It’s not like Facebook Messenger, which sends an overt read receipt any time you open a message. However, the sender can include a small, pixel-sized image in the email, which identifies when we open it. In turn, it tells the sender (narc). … Read more