Star Wars Should Embrace TV and Stop Being Films Entirely

Star Wars Should Embrace TV and Stop Being Films Entirely

Image: Lucasfilm Just as we’re about to get a new Star Wars show in the form of andor—the second of three shows this year, if you need reminding—the movie side of the franchise took another noticeable hit. rogue squadron, a film originally planned to be directed by Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins for a December 2023 … Read more

10 Great Movies About 10 of History’s Worst People

screenshot: Downfall (2004) There’s a reason books about Hitler consistently outsell books about Churchill. As long as it’s kept at arm’s length, abstracted into words or images, and not in our faces or in our houses, andvile is way more compelling than good. These 10 people are among the worst humans in history—merciless despots, ruthless … Read more

Do They Love Star Wars So Much It’s Bad?

JJ Abrams directing Star Wars: The Force Awakens.Image: Lucasfilm One of the biggest shifts in Star Wars history happened when the fans got control. That’s not how history would phrase it, but after Disney purchased the franchise, it was the first time people who grew up loving the films were finally given a chance to … Read more

Dig Movie Review: A Cartoonishly Improbable Thriller

Thomas Jane as Scott Brennan in K. Asher Levin’s Lionsgate If the goal of say is to make us feel any kind of sympathy for Scott Brennan (Thomas Jane), the kind of caricatured country dad who’d go looking for his out-past-curfew daughter in a desert honky-tonk while wielding a giant mallet, it gets off … Read more

Rogue One’s Gary Whitta on His Unconventional New Sci-Fi Gundog

This fall, from the writer of Rogue One, The Book of Eliand After Earth, a brand new sci-fi adventure is on the way. Set in a future where Earth has been conquered by giant alien mechs, a young woman finds a map that might hold the key to saving humanity. Sounds cool, right? Well, it’s … Read more

A Review Of Andrew Dominik’s Blonde, About Marilyn Monroe

Ana de Armas plays Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s Netflix Based on Joyce Carol Oates’ Pulitzer Prize finalist novel of the same name, blonde uses a work of biographical fiction to presumably seek deeper truths about the life of Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, director Andrew Dominik (The Assassination Of Jesse James) mistakes depicting the … Read more

A Review Of Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes’ Do Revenge

(from left) Maya Hawke and Ca Mendes star in Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s From Netflix With its inclusion of sassy language and its indictment of progressive culture, From Revenge is a movie for the modern era—but it plays like a love letter to the savage and sweet teen-themed movies of the 1980s, ’90s and early … Read more

Dark Horse Reveals New Mike Mignola Vampire Comics

Image: Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart/Dark Horse Comics Is there a comic writer who possibly loves spooky season as much as hellboy‘s Mike Mignola? Perhaps not, which is why the beloved creative is teaming up with artist Rachele Aragno to introduce a whole new spooky delight—and giving them terrifying tales not just for Halloween, but … Read more

Kevin Smith cashes in on nostalgia

(from left) Randal (Jeff Anderson) and Dante (Brian O’Halloran) in Kevin Smith’s Clerks Lionsgate There’s a watchable 90-minute movie hidden in the almost two-hour runtime of Clerks III. It’s too bad writer-director Kevin Smith doesn’t possess the clarity of vision he once had to refine ideas well enough to let his narrative from the … Read more

EA And DICE’s Battlefield Series Of Games Is Now 20 Years Old

screenshot: Saving Private Ryan On September 10, 2002, publishers Electronic Arts and a relatively unknown developed called DICE released a multiplayer shooter called Battlefield 1942. In the 20 years since everyone involved has been on one hell of a ride. The game, which not only featured infantry but also allowed players to control vehicles, was … Read more