What to Expect from NASA’s DART Mission to Deflect an Asteroid

Artistic depiction of NASA’s DART probe and the Italian Space Agency’s LICIACube at the Didymos binary system.Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben A NASA spacecraft called DART is set to deliberately crash into a small asteroid as part of a planetary defense test. While this space rock is not of concern, what we learn from the … Read more

Meta Quest Pro VR Leak Claims It Was Left in a Hotel Room

Meta’s past hints of its “Project Cambria” VR headset appears very similar to recent leaks.screenshot: YouTube meta Another set of leaks for the Meta Quest Pro hit over the weekend, showing off a wildly redesigned headset. Even leaked videos can’t get me too excited about “the metaverse,” but what’s with all these tech companies leaving … Read more

Josh Duhamel, 49, seemingly ties the knot with Miss World America Audra Mari, 28, in North Dakota

Josh Duhamel seemingly said the words, ‘I do,’ to his fiancee, Audra Mari, earlier on Saturday in his home state of North Dakota, reported TMZ. The Transformers alum, 49, and former beauty pageant competitor, 28, reportedly tied the knot during a scenic rooftop ceremony at a location known as the Jasper Hotel in a city … Read more

‘Toxic influencer’ Andrew Tate is banned from Facebook and Instagram for ‘violating policies’

‘Toxic influencer’ Andrew Tate, 35, has been banned from Facebook and Instagram after being slammed for creating misogynistic content. Meta, who owns the two social media platforms, said the controversial influencer had violated its policies. The ex-Big Brother star made a multi-million pound fortune by posting disturbing misogynistic videos. Videos on the app under the … Read more

How to Use End-to-End Encryption in Facebook Messenger Right Now

Meta might not be a bastion of digital privacy (and very well may be an enemy of it), but the times might be a-changin’. The company announced on Thursday, Aug. 11 they are testing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Facebook Messenger as the default, meaning all Messenger users would have their chats protected from spying eyes … Read more

Amy Grant’s daughter Corrina sings song for mom after accident

Amy Grant’s 21-year-old daughter Corinna Gill and Amy’s 65-year-old husband Vince Gill performed together on Sunday evening. It was a tribute concert to Amy during his residency at the Ryman in Nashville, Tennessee. Country crooner Amy has been recovering after a nasty bicycle accident last week. It was also shared on Facebook that the beauty’s … Read more