Pokimane, Twitch Streamers May Strike After $200k Gambling Scam

Pokimane, Twitch Streamers May Strike After 0k Gambling Scam

screenshot: Twitch / Mizkif On Saturday, a Twitch streamer named Abraham Mohammed, better known to viewers as Sliker, admitted that he had scammed fans and other content creators out of at least $200,000 to fund his Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling addiction. In response, big-name streamers such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, and … Read more

Congresswoman Urges FTC to Investigate Police Surveillance Software

Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., arrives to Rayburn Building on Thursday, September 15, 2022.photo: Tom Williams (AP) California Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate a Virginia-based company revealed by the Associated Press to provide law enforcement agencies across the US with access to cellphone tracking technology capable of mapping people’s … Read more

5 Best High Quality Budget Controllers For Xbox & PC To Buy

photo: kotaku If you need a gamepad with a detachable USB-C cable, two rear buttons, in a standard Xbox form factor, and only want to spend about 40 bucks, you should consider the Turtle Beach React-R. The React-R is a little hollow feeling and light, which makes it feel like the most “budget” of “budget” … Read more

The First Object to Visit Us From Another Star System Could Be a Spaceship

You know scientists: They give the coolest possible explanation to the public and then act like nerds and release a paper years later saying something much more mundane. And so it is with the first object to enter our solar system from a different place. Dubbed “Oumuamua,” scientists are still arguing over what the mysterious … Read more

NASA’s CAPSTONE Moon Probe Is in More Trouble Than We Realized

Artist’s depiction of CAPSTONE.Image: NASA Controllers with the CAPSTONE mission are attempting to regain control of the Moon-bound probe, which is currently tumbling, experiencing temperature issues, and unable to use its solar panels to fully recharge its batteries. in an update issued on Monday, Advanced Space described it as a “dynamic operational situation.” The company … Read more

Meta Quest Pro VR Leak Claims It Was Left in a Hotel Room

Meta’s past hints of its “Project Cambria” VR headset appears very similar to recent leaks.screenshot: YouTube meta Another set of leaks for the Meta Quest Pro hit over the weekend, showing off a wildly redesigned headset. Even leaked videos can’t get me too excited about “the metaverse,” but what’s with all these tech companies leaving … Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook won’t raise iPhone 14 prices. He must first deal with a fierce rival — and it’s not Samsung

Apple has something more important than Samsung’s 005930, -0.71% foldable phone to worry about: Inflation. None of the new iPhone 14 devices sport increased prices relative to their iPhone 13 counterparts, Wednesday’s event showed, despite many analysts expecting the company to increase prices on the higher-end offerings. When Apple AAPL, +1.88% unveiled the iPhone 13 … Read more

Roblox jumping into ads in effort to diversify beyond virtual goods

Roblox has built a userbase of over 52 million people by providing a gaming and entertainment platform that’s mostly been targeted at kids. Now the company wants advertisers to join the party. As part of its annual developer conference on Friday, Roblox is announcing plans to debut ads next year, marking the company’s first significant … Read more

Vespera Robotic Telescope Takes the Guesswork Out of Astronomy

Vespera Observation Stationphoto: George Dvorsky / Gizmodo A few weeks ago, my editor asked me to review a new telescope. Having never reviewed a single product for Gizmodo in all the years I’ve worked here, and having never laid my hands on a telescope, I made a valiant attempt to weasel my way out of … Read more

How to Avoid the Abundance of Malware in Minecraft

photo: rocks tenys (shutterstock) Minecraft is addicting. Minecraft is popular. That combination means there are a lot of us playing the game for hours on end every single day. While that’s good for the Minecraft community at large, it’s also good for hackers. They don’t see millions of Minecraft players: They see millions of targets … Read more