YouTuber Confesses To Being Gaming Industry Leaker, Gets Caught

Image: Ubisoft / Dan Allen Gaming / Kotaku It turns out a Twitter account called TheRealInsider, the latest in a crop of leakers posing as gaming industry insiders, was actually run by YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming. The account had convinced many in the scene that it was the real deal after accurately teasing which new … Read more

Square Enix Is Shutting Down The Worst PS5 Game Of The Year

Image: Square Enix / Platinum Games Today, publisher Square Enix and developer Platinum Games finally did what everyone had been predicting from the start: they announced Babylon’s Fall will shut down within its first year. While I’m hardly surprised, it still sucks. People paid $60 for this game just six months ago, and less than … Read more

Soulslikes Need Easy Mode And Steelrising Proves It

Image: Spiders / Nacon The opening moments of steelrising felt surprisingly doable and fun for a soulslike, a genre of game that often starts out with tough challenges and a “go figure it out” kinda vibe. But once I hit the second map, I encountered an enemy that made me reach for the game’s “Assist … Read more

Rumbleverse Is A Battle Royale With No Guns, And I Suck At It

Image: Epic Games / Iron Galaxy Rumbleverse is the latest entry in a seemingly endless list of free-to-play battle royale games. However, this latest spin on the aging format is more creative and interesting than I expected, as Rumbleverse ditches the usual SMGs, shotguns, and grenades for wrestling grapples, melee combos, and high-flying elbow drops. … Read more

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s British Slang Is Infectious

Well kicks ‘n’ ladders, this is what they call a cultural exchange, innit?Image: Nintendo / Urban Dictionary / Kotaku After being thoroughly underwhelmed with Digimon Survive‘s insufferable dialogue and bland characters, I braved the time-consuming Japanese RPG waters once again by diving headfirst into its release date competitor, Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Although I initially got … Read more

Save on Hitman Trilogy, Stardew Valley, and More in Humble Bundle’s Summer Sale

Summer Sale | Up to 90% off | Humble Bundle Great news for PC gamers out there looking to save money and add more games to your backlog which you’ll eventually get to. Humble Bundle has kicked off its Summer Sale in which you can save up to 90% on games. We’ve highlighted a handful … Read more

Real-Life Black Hole Sounds Like A Mass Effect Reaper

screenshot: AND THE Today in questions you never knew you wanted the answer to: What’s a black hole sound like? Turns out, the depths of the darkest reaches of oblivion “sound” a whole lot like a video game, according to NASA data sonification. “Sound” is in quotes there because a sonification is not a literal … Read more

Game Pass Vs. The New PS Plus, The Comparison We Had To Make

Image: Sony / Microsoft / Kotaku Two months ago, Sony reimagined PS Plus, its longtime membership program for PlayStation owners. Now, it looks a whole lot like Microsoft’s Game Pass: For roughly the same amount of money, both offer access to the Netflix-style games-on-demand library. Obviously, we had to stack the two services up against … Read more

Digimon Survive Is A Painfully Boring TRPG

The kids aren’t alright.Image: Witch Craft Co., Ltd. / Hyde Digimon Survive, the new video game made in celebration of the anime’s 25th anniversary, attempts to juggle being both a visual novel and a tactical role-playing game. The result is a slog of a game that’s 70 percent visual novel, 20 percent tactical role-playing game, … Read more

The Best Steam Deck Games Of 2022

Image: Valve / FromSoftware / Square Enix / No Matter Studio / Kotaku The Steam Deck, Valve’s mega-powerful mini-PC, only arrived this year, and while there are many reasons to check out one of the most exciting pieces of gaming hardware available today, the amount of great, hassle-free games available on the device is proof … Read more