From the Earth to the Moon Part 1

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Beyond The Forecast! Since the days first saw the stars and explores space of what they were, a drive space burned in the humans. In the great leap in technology following the Industrial Revolution things that never seemed possible in all of history were in our grasp. … Read more

2 Vie To Rebuild School As Housing, Arts Hub

Sketch of Pennrose’s proposal. Glendower/Patriquin rendering of proposed Strong School redesign. Two affordable housing developers are competing to transform the long-vacant former Strong School building into an artists’ community, public gathering space, and housing complex. Glendower Group, the nonprofit development arm of the New Haven Housing Authority, and Pennrose, a national affordable housing developer, pitched … Read more

The UN Wants to Curb Anti-Satellite Missile Tests

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also created challenges for space diplomacy. At the UN meeting, several diplomats expressed support for Ukrainians in their statements. Each time, the Russian hand delegate reminded the chair that comments are supposed to remain focused on the issues. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is going differently now, and Russia has a … Read more

Tourism is stretching from outer space to the deep sea

As the Dalai Lama said, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” — and a new age of tourism is adding more destinations to that list. From outer space to the deep sea, tourism is now reaching the ends of the Earth. While researchers and explorers are still making ground-breaking discoveries every day … Read more

NASA’s black hole audio shows how scientists are recording the universe

More so, in 1964, researchers A. Penzias and R. Wilson experienced a disturbance, or “crackle,” while performing observations with an antenna. They detected that the persistent noise during their study was due to the cosmic microwave background radiations- this discovery provided a boost in evidence for the Big Bang theory of the universe. And that’s … Read more

To prevent a Martian plague, NASA will build a very special lab in Utah

When Carl Sagan imagined sending humans to Mars in his book “The Cosmic Connection,” published in 1973, he posed a problem beyond such a mission’s cost and complexity: the possibility that life existed on the red planet and that it might not play nice . “It is possible that on Mars there are pathogens,” he … Read more

Blame Star Wars for US boredom with NASA Artemis moon voyage

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Editorials and other Opinion content offer perspectives on issues important to our community and are independent from the work of our newsroom reporters. The NASA moon rocket stands on Pad 39B before the Artemis 1 mission to orbit the moon at the Kennedy Space Center, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, in Cape Canaveral, … Read more

What happens when a star dies?

In the picture above, the names of the stars are in the upper left-hand corner of each image. Winds blowing outward from the stars create a variety of structures, such as disks, spirals and “roses”, that are consistent with the theory that the red giant star has a companion orbiting it. Red indicates gases that … Read more