Photos Capture The Upper State That Was

Karen Klugman Jerry at Jerry’s Antiques, 928 State. Jerry stands with his hand on his hip, a cigar angled improbably out of his mouth. He’s wearing a hat from another time. The shop behind him is from another time, too, an older New Haven that’s increasingly hard to catch a glimpse of. The photograph is … Read more

The Universe Could ‘Bounce’ For Eternity. But It Still Had to Start Somewhere

From the smallest bacterium to the greatest galaxy, death looms on the horizon; even if, in cosmic terms, the time scales are too large for us to truly comprehend. Eventually, even the Universe itself should come to an end – when the last light winks out, and the cold, dense lumps of dead stars are … Read more

Astronomers Say They’ve Found The Most Distant Galaxy Ever Observed

It’s a record that has been broken multiple times over the past two years alone, and one that we expect to see broken again soon. Astronomers using the operational James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have newly announced the discovery of what appears to be the most distant galaxy yet. If this sounds familiar, it’s already … Read more

Scientists Glimpse The Earliest Dark Matter Ever Observed in The Universe

What little we know of dark matter comes from calculations based on the glow of surrounding galaxies. The further away we look, however, the dimmer that starlight gets, making it harder to see the subtle influence of this most mysterious of forces. Now a collaboration between astronomers from Japan and the US has found a … Read more

Incredible New Footage Captures Two Stars Colliding Like We’ve Never Seen Before

The aftermath of an epic collision involving at least one neutron star has been captured for the first time in the millimeter range of radio frequency wavelengths. The result is a recording of a short-duration gamma-ray burst – one of the most energetic ever observed, and one of the brightest lingering afterglows we’ve ever seen. … Read more

An AI Just Independently Discovered Alternate Physics

Grab any physics textbook and you’ll find formula after formula describing how things wobble, fly, swerve and stop. The formulas describe actions we can observe, but behind each could be sets of factors that aren’t immediately obvious. Now, a new AI program developed by researchers at Columbia University has seemingly discovered its own alternative physics. … Read more

An ‘Impossible’ Quasicrystal Was Created in The World’s First Nuclear Bomb Test

At 5:29 am on the morning of 16 July 1945, in the state of New Mexico, a dreadful slice of history was made. The dawn calm was torn asunder as the United States Army detonated a plutonium implosion device known as the Gadget – the world’s very first test of a nuclear bomb, known as … Read more

Physicists Have Simulated The Primordial Quantum Structure of Our Universe

Peer long enough into the heavens, and the Universe starts to resemble a city at night. Galaxies take on characteristics of streetlamps cluttering up neighborhoods of dark matter, linked by highways of gas that run along the shores of intergalactic nothingness. This map of the Universe was preordained, laid out in the tiniest of shivers … Read more

New Set of Chemical Reactions Could Finally Explain How Life Started on Earth

Once upon a time, when our planet Earth was very young and very new, there was not a single scrap of life on it to be found. Then, somewhere, somehow, some quirk of chemistry happened, and the molecular building blocks of our very first single-celled ancestors emerged: the amino acids and nucleic acids that came … Read more