45 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

The screenshot from the leaked footage, showing a battle against a Hellcaller Nangari Oracle, that unfairly blurs the crisp textures from the game due to awful video quality.screenshot: Activision Blizzard It was quite the weekend for major game leaks. As well as the first ever footage from a very unfinished GTA 6 being plastered all … Read more

Lightfall’s Exotic Rifle Worth The $100 Premium?

Quicksilver Storm is an exotic auto rifle available to certain lightfall pre-orders.Image: Bungie Bungie’s loot shooter destiny 2 will grow once more come February 28, the day its planned new lightfall expansion is slated to launch. But with the “Deluxe” edition launching at the heady price of $100, one naturally wonders if any of the … Read more

AI Is Coming For Commercial Art Jobs. Can It Be Stopped?

“Is AI Coming For Commercial Art?” rendered by Stable Diffusion, prompted by Rob Salkowitz Rob Salkowitz Earlier this summer, a piece generated by an AI text-to-image application won a prize in a state fair art competition, prying open a Pandora’s Box of issues about the encroachment of technology into the domain of human creativity and … Read more

Splatoon 3’s Terrible Online Is Inexcusable Now, Nintendo

Image: Nintendo Be gentle with me, I’ve been in purgatory. By which I mean, I’ve been playing a lot of Splatoon 3 multiplayer lately, and having unlocked level 10, the ink shooter finally let me glide my way into its quirky ranked modes. Anarchy Battles, as these competitive modes are called, are a good time—if … Read more

Sony PSVR2 First Look: Details, Specs, Impressions

Sony introduced its first virtual reality PlayStation headset way back in 2016. It was the Before Times, a simple, pandemic-less age of 1080p graphics and only a hint of real-world apocalypse on the horizon. It’s probably safe to say that these days people are more eager to escape into virtual worlds. To that end, Sony … Read more

Bringing Yakuza’s Kiryu Back In Like A Dragon 8 Is Silly

How many times do you need to say goodbye, old man?screenshot: sega Last night, we finally got a look at the next mainline game in the yakuza series, Like a Dragon 8and the trailer immediately had folks online racing to assemble memes poking fun at the youthful new hairdo of the series’ longtime, stalwart protagonist, … Read more

Splatoon 3’s Most-Hated Gun Needs To Go, Players Say

Oh great, here’s this jerk using the gun.Image: Nintendo / Kotaku with Splatoon 3 finally out on Nintendo Switch, folks have no doubt tried their hands at a variety of the game’s eclectic weapons. There are plenty to check out, from the classic rapid-firing Splattershot Jr. to new weapons like the quick-slashing Splatana (which has … Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto Accidentally Trolled Nintendo Direct Fans

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct was a much-hyped affair, with a whopping 40 minutes dedicated to the Japanese company’s portable console and its games. Most people kept their expectations somewhat in check for this, because Nintendo said that the event would largely focus on products coming out this holiday season. But that still … Read more

EA And DICE’s Battlefield Series Of Games Is Now 20 Years Old

screenshot: Saving Private Ryan On September 10, 2002, publishers Electronic Arts and a relatively unknown developed called DICE released a multiplayer shooter called Battlefield 1942. In the 20 years since everyone involved has been on one hell of a ride. The game, which not only featured infantry but also allowed players to control vehicles, was … Read more

Ubisoft announces six Assassin’s Creed games and a shake-up franchise

Ubisoft is going even bigger with a revamp and expansion to its Assassin’s Creed series that will include console, PC and mobile games, a return to multiplayer and an expanded partnership with Netflix. Why it matters: Through Assassin’s Creed, the multinational game publisher is attempting a recovery in quality, productivity and reputation after several largely … Read more