Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Dorky’ Way She’s Been Secretly Categorizing Her Music For Years

With Taylor Swift gearing up to release her tenth studio album, midnights, next month, it’s fair to say that the singer/songwriter has become an expert at writing hit songs. Whether she’s singing about love, breakups, writing music for movies and TVor many other subjects in between, she’s written a lot of incredible music to Swifties lives soundtrack. When the singer accepted a major award at the Nashville Songwriter Awards, she revealed the secret way she’s been categorizing all her music for years.

Swift was honored with the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade award on Tuesday and during her acceptance speech, she shared that there are three genres she personally organizes each of her songs by. In Taylor Swift’s words from her:

I’ve never talked about this publicly before, because, well, it’s dorky. But I also have, in my mind, secretly, established genre categories for lyrics I write. Three of them, to be exact. They are affectionately titled Quill Lyrics, Fountain Pen Lyrics and Glitter Gel Pen Lyrics. I know this sounds confusing but I’ll try to explain. I came up with these categories based on what writing tool I imagine having in my hand when I scribbled it down, figuratively. I don’t actually have a quill. Anymore. I broke it once when I was mad.

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