The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 11, 2022

There’s a lot to back the reasons why we might not have the easiest of all days today, and’s because we’re practically under siege by troublemaking and hostile transits.

With our Moon in Aries, our Sun trine Uranus, Moon opposition Mercury and sextile Mars, we are looking at a day that consists of misunderstandings, frustration, withholding and wrong move-making.

Sun trine Uranus will have us believing in our own lies, while the Moon in Aries will have us standing firm in that lie. We are unbridgeable today; stubborn and unwilling to learn.

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We may even think we’re doing the right thing today because our vision will be so one-sided and egomaniacal that we aren’t open to hearing other points of view.

In love, this means fights and troubling arguments with the one we love. At work, this could begin the unraveling of a secure position. We need to think before we speak today because it’s crucial for us to know that we could cause serious damage if we say the wrong thing.

We may even feel a little left out today due to us coming on a little too strong, even if what we’re going for is something we believe to be good. That’s the Uranus touch; we stick to our beliefs but nobody else gets us.

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