The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Sunday, August 14, 2022

Here we are in Leo season, and while that has its upside and its down, there’s one thing we will come to know during this season: transits that are Sun-based are the strongest influences we know.

During Leo Sun, we will see ego flare-ups and grand displays of bratty behavior but what we might not have been aware of is that on this day, during Leo Sun, we also have Sun opposite Saturn, which will feel like having a spotlight shining down on everything that bothers us.

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If Saturn was a person, they would be a strict boss; there would be no time for jokes, no room for fun, and no place for leniency. When we have the Sun opposite Saturn, we have the perfect cosmic storm for upsets.

Today’s frustration levels will be stratospheric; we will not get what we want, and if things go according to Saturn’s plans, we’ll be humiliated for our efforts.

And for some zodiac signs, this is simply going to put us over the deep end. Today is not going to give us the satisfaction of accomplishing anything. Unless of course, we seek despair and tribulations. Those are things we’ll get in abundance.

With the Sun opposite Saturn in play, we will find that we don’t pass that exam and that we don’t get those concert tickets we wanted.


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