WWE News Roundup – Sasha Banks finally breaks silence on her future, Brock Lesnar could still face a 12-time champion in dream match, Top AEW star acknowledges The Bloodline

We’re back with another stacked edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily WWE News Roundup. We begin today’s lineup of stories with Sasha Banks providing a timely update regarding her future from her outside professional wrestling.

Elsewhere, a WWE veteran said there is a possibility of Brock Lesnar taking on a former world champion in a dream match.

The Bloodline also features in today’s roundup as one of AEW’s biggest stars seemingly acknowledged Roman Reigns’ faction.

On that note, let’s take a look at the day’s top stories:

#1. Sasha Banks comments on her future

The Legit Boss has become a prominent name in mainstream media recently. While there continues to be uncertainty around her wrestling career, Sasha Banks is focused on maximizing her brand outside the ring.

The former women’s champion appeared on Ahch-To Radio and confirmed that she is currently pursuing multiple projects in showbiz. Banks also revealed her desire to branch out into music as she laid out her ambitious plans below during the interview:

“There is so much that I’m creating right now. It’s all under an umbrella. I’m an actor, writer, producer, and extraordinaire entertainer. All within those realms, I’m doing something. You just have to stay tuned . You have a microphone, that’s something big I want to do. Not podcasting, but music.” [H/T Fightful]

Based on all the rumors, Sasha Banks and Naomi are expected to make their WWE returns soon. The former women’s tag team champions have continued to make public appearances during their highly-publicized hiatus from wrestling.

As things stand, it’s only a matter of time until the duo shows up on WWE TV.

#two. Road Dogg on if Brock Lesnar vs. Big E will happen in WWE


WWE loves booking two heavyweights against each other, as it was a common phenomenon during Vince McMahon’s reign. However, irrespective of your stylistic preferences, Brock Lesnar vs. Big E is a bonafide dream match.

While The Beast Incarnate has faced Kofi Kingston on a few occasions, Lesnar has never clashed in a singles competition against New Day’s strongest member, Big E. The two behemoths, however, were part of a Fatal 5-Way at Day One, where Big And, unfortunately, lost the world title to Lesnar.

While speaking on this week’s The Wrestling Outlaws‘Road Dogg’ Brian James feels WWE can make a lot of money from a match between Brock Lesnar and Big E.

“Maybe there’s money in the future with those two,” James said. “Maybe they didn’t leave that money on the table.” [From 13:45 to 13:51]

Lesnar last wrestled at SummerSlam 2022, where he came up short against Roman Reigns in a memorable Last Man Standing match. Big E is currently out of action due to a serious neck injury, but he is hopeful of a triumphant in-ring return once the doctors give him the green signal.

Road Dogg, who was recently rehired as a Senior Vice President, commended Big E’s attitude during his rehabilitation and wished him the best. Brian James would indeed be looking forward to working with the former world champion when he is fit to return.

Road Dogg added:

“That’s an awesome thing for a young man at that age to be able to say and not have regrets about it,” James added. “I just had to get fat and old and slow and realize I was slowing everybody down before I said, ‘Okay, I quit!'” [From 14:01 to 14:14]

A potentially titanic battle between Brock Lesnar and Big E could be a massive draw, but would Triple H consider going down that route? We hope he does!

#3. AEW’s MJF is a fan of The Bloodline

Roman Reigns’ Bloodline has many admirers in the business, which unsurprisingly extends beyond WWE. Almost everyone respects Reigns, and it seems Maxwell Jacob Friedman has also finally acknowledged The Tribal Chief.

The AEW star took to Twitter following the most recent SmackDown episode and posted just one emoji that sent the wrestling Twitter into a frenzy. Here’s what he tweeted out in reference to Roman Reigns’ stable:

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